MyLife Menopause Programme

Did you know...?

Roughly 80% of women experience symptoms related to the menopause, with 25% having severe symptoms that detrimentally affect their family, home and work life.

Menopause can be a challenging time for many women and people with vaginas. It's often reduced to hot flushes, but for the majority of women it’s a lot more than that. Other symptoms may include anxiety, brain fog, overactive bladder, insomnia and vaginal dryness, to name a few. In fact, it's often the emotional effects, which are less talked about, that are more debilitating than the physical effects.

If you’re experiencing perimenopausal or postmenopausal symptoms that are having a negative impact on your life, you should never feel that your symptoms are just something you have to put up.

With the menopause affecting half the world’s population directly and the whole population indirectly, you should feel empowered to take back control over your life and relationships – something Brook can support you with.

MyLife: A Menopause Wellbeing Programme

This year we’re launching a Menopause Wellbeing Programme in Cornwall called MyLife.

Through a series of one-to-one sessions with one of our trained Women’s Health Specialists, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to understand what the menopause means for you and ways to self-manage your symptoms and changes to relationships, work and self.

Each session is tailored to exploring your personal and unique experience of menopause; your symptoms and ways it’s affecting your life. Our Brook specialists, trained on the topic of menopause, offer advice, guidance and a listening ear to help you develop support mechanisms that suit you best.

At the end of the sessions, you will come away with:

  • An improved understanding of the menopause and how it affects you
  • An understanding of the importance of self-care and getting support, including recognising and seeking professional support when it is needed
  • A plan of positive actions to improve your symptoms that draw upon your strengths
  • Access to a range of tools that will help monitor and support your mental health and wellbeing


If you live in Cornwall and feel you would benefit from this programme, you can self-refer for the programme.

After receiving your referral form and confirming your acceptance onto the programme, we will contact you to arrange your start date which is usually within a month of receiving your referral. Please check your spam and junk folders as our emails can end up there.

Sessions can be organised around you and your schedule: They can be delivered online or in person and can be after work hours or during lunch breaks.

We want to hear from you!

If you're an individual in Cornwall with experience of menopause, we'd like to hear from you.

Funded through the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Fund, part of a partnership programme between Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and UK Health Security Agency.