Education and Outreach

Alongside our clinical services, Brook is commissioned to provide sexual health promotion, community outreach, education and training in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Working closely with our clinical colleagues, our aim is to ensure that key beneficiary groups are benefiting from good sexual and reproductive health services by raising awareness, signposting and improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of both professionals and service users.

Education and training

Training for professionals

Our free training sessions for professionals working with children and young people offer support and expert guidance on specialist topics relating to RSE – including chlamydia testing, C-Card, RSE@Home for Foster Carers, RSE@Home for young people with SEND, RSE@Home for facilitators, Pornography and YPSI and SHIC (Sexual Health in the Community).

To register your interest, learn more about the topics we cover or for more general information about our training programme, please contact Amy Kilpatrick on

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Brook provides participative, informative workshops in schools and other settings aimed at generating evidence-based discussion around sex, sexuality and relationships. These sessions increase young people’s knowledge and provide them with the vocabulary and skills to communicate with their peers, parents and professionals.

If you think your school will benefit from this service please contact Amy Kilpatrick on

PSHE Curriculum

Brook Cornwall provides lesson plans and resources for schools in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to deliver up-to-date, safe and effective PSHE for years 1-13.

Commissioned by Cornwall Council, with contributions from the Headstart Kernow team funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, the curriculum has been designed and quality-assured by subject-matter experts at Brook and brings together a variety of materials from organisations specialising in PSHE topics.

View Brook Cornwall's PSHE Curriculum.

You can find out more about Brook's broader education and training offer, including details of how to access free e-learning on a variety of RSE topics, on the Brook website.

Outreach and community engagement

Cornwall C-Card Programme

Brook Cornwall runs the local C-Card programme to young people aged 13-24, offering young people the opportunity to register for a C-Card and get free condoms and lube across various outlets in Cornwall. As part of the process for registration young people are taught about healthy relationships, condom use, consent and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as contraception. Brook Cornwall train outlets across Cornwall to provide registration and distribution services to young people.

For more information about the Cornwall C-Card programme, please contact Amy Kilpatrick on or calling 07923 250346.

Chlamydia Screening Programme

As part of the National Chlamydia screening programme, the Cornwall Chlamydia Screening Service helps 15-24 year olds access chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing and treatment. It also provides essential outreach and education to make sure young people know how to protect themselves and their partners from infection.

The Education team run this service in partnership with our clinical colleagues. Brook Cornwall train organisations and educational services to provide testing kits to young people to reduce the incidence of undiagnosed Chlamydia in Cornwall.

For more information about the Cornwall Chlamydia Screening programme, please contact Amy Kilpatrick on or calling 07923 250346, or email Leanne Stevens on

If you require a chlamydia test, please order an STI home test kit or contact Brook Cornwall to book an appointment. Chlamydia Screening outreach can be contacted by email if you have any queries.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you and to discuss how Brook can support you and your young people. Email us at:

Education and Wellbeing Team (Cornwall)

Amy Kilpatrick, Coordinator
Tel: 07923 250346

Leanne Stevens, Outreach Worker (Cornwall Chlamydia Screening Programme)